Praying the Rosary in October

Ordo - October 1The traditional Ordo of the Philippines indicates today as the start of the daily recitation of the Rosary, which shall end on 2 November.

As can be gleaned from queries submitted to the Boletín, this daily recitation was not only privately accomplished by the faithful but also usually publicly exercised alta voce even during misas rezadas and cantadas. Apparently, this had become the custom of the archipelago, and was encouraged by bishops, to the point that, when a rescript appeared admonishing English Catholics to wean themselves off the practice, the contributors of the Boletín argued that the admonition did not juridically apply to the Philippines, and urged priests to seek the counsel of their ordinaries regarding the matter.

La Virgen del Rosario
La Virgen del Rosario | Bartolomé Esteban Murillo | 1650–1655

A few reminders to those who will recite the Rosary daily from today until 2 November:

  1. At the Litany of Loreto, after the invocation Mater intemerata (Mother inviolate), add the invocation Mater immaculata (Mother Immaculate). This privilege was granted by Clement XIII on 14 March 1767, through the brief Eximia pietas.
  2. At the end of the Rosary, append the prayer Ad te, beate Ioseph (To thee, O blessed Joseph). This prayer was added by Pope Leo XIII on 15 August 1889, through the encyclical Quamquam pluries.

If we have the resources, offering a rosario cantado would also be very splendid.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.

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