Litany of the Holy Name

In the course of the long history of Christendom, Holy Mother Church approved six litanies for public recitation, and adorned these with indulgences. Of these six, four appear in the Liber usualis with their respective tones (Sacred Heart, Blessed Virgin, Saint Joseph, and the Saints), sometimes with more than one tone.

Goya - Adoración del nombre de Dios o La Gloria
Adoración del nombre de Dios o La gloria | Francisco Goya | 1777

The approved tone of the Litany of the Precious Blood, if ever one existed, continues to elude discovery. What we have are various tones composed by devout Catholics who wanted to chant the litanies but found no tone printed. One tone saw light on account of the 2011 Christus Rex Pilgrimage. Another, out of necessity, in time for the feast of the Precious Blood. Our very own version of this Litany follows this tradition! The hunt for the approved chant goes on.

Litaniae Sanctissimi Nominis IesuFortunately, the approved tone of the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus appeared a few years ago. The tone appears in the 1955 Cantuale Romano-Seraphicum (here is the two-page extract). The 1922 edition of the Cantuale does not include this tone. The memo, somehow, got lost in the mail, and we learned of the tone quite late. That is, in between waiting for the proverbial manna to fall from heaven, and fighting the urge to succumb to learned helplessness, we managed to produce our own tone for the Litany (click on the thumbnail to open the file). Today, Saturday, being the eve of the feast of the Holy Child of Cebu, reminded us of this. Let us devoutly chant these litanies in honour of the Most Holy Name of the Child Jesus of Cebu.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.


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