A plan for singing O filii et filiae

A popular Easter hymn, O filii et filiae is.

Schedoni - Le Marie al sepolcro
Le Marie al sepolcro | Bartolomeo Schedoni | c. 1613–1614

Originally, only nine verses, written by the Franciscan friar Jean Tisserand, made up the hymn. Discipulis adstantibus, Postquam audivit Didymus, and Beati qui non viderunt were later added. A triple Alleluia is sung as the refrain between each verse.

Scheduling what verses to sing according to the Gospel read within the days of the Easter octave would be one way of aligning our meditations with a particular moment that occurred after the Resurrection of the Lord. Below then can be our guide:

From day onwards Verse
Easter Sunday O filii et filiae,
Rex caelestis, Rex gloriae
morte surrexit hodie.
Easter Sunday Ex mane prima Sabbati
ad ostium monumenti
accesserunt discipuli.
Easter Sunday Et Maria Magdalene,
et Iacobi, et Salome
venerunt corpus ungere.
Easter Sunday In albis sedens angelus
praedixit mulieribus :
In Galilaea est Dominus.
Easter Sunday
Easter Friday
Et Ioannes apostolus
cucurrit Petro citius,
monumento venit prius.
Easter Monday
Low Sunday
Discipulis astantibus,
in medio stetit Christus,
dicens : Pax vobis omnibus.
Low Sunday Ut intellexit Didymus
quia surrexerat Iesus,
remansit fere dubius.
Low Sunday Vide, Thoma, vide latus,
vide pedes, vide manus,
noli esse incredulus.
Low Sunday Quando Thomas vidit Christum,
pedes, manus, latus suum,
dixit : Tu es Deus meus.
Low Sunday Beati qui non viderunt
et firmiter crediderunt ;
vitam aeternam habebunt.
Easter Sunday In hoc festo sanctissimo
sit laus et iubilatio :
benedicamus Domino.
Easter Sunday Ex quibus nos humillimas
devotas atque debitas
Deo dicamus gratias.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.


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