Chant in public in the time of COVID-19

Earlier today, while I was picking up groceries, I had to endure listening to Hillsong praise and worship songs being played in the building, and it made me wonder how it would have felt if, instead of these overrated number oozing with feel-good vibe, Gregorian chants were to be included in the playlist of groceries? What would be the mood of the people while buying their necessities? Will sacred Gregorian chant stem the possible transmission of COVID-19 in the grocery by (1) excorcising the air, and/or (2) calming or slowing down the people so they don’t panic buy?

After we’ve admitted the possibility, the next obvious question, of course, is “Which chants, then, are appropriate for the grocery?” And the Traditional community is never short of creativity! After half a day of musing on this question, here’s what we’ve come up with:

For the beauty, perfume, and personal care section
  • Nigra sum sed formosa
  • Asperges me
  • Ecce odor filii mei
  • Splendida facta est facies Moysi
  • Ostende mihi faciem tuam
  • Pulchriora sunt
For the laundry section
  • Candidi facti sunt Nazaræi
  • Isti sunt triumphatores
  • Vidi coniunctos viros
  • Isti sunt agni novelli
For the wine and beverage section
For the bread and comestibles section
For the meat section
For the seafood section
  • Cum deambularet Dominus
  • Mox ut vocem Domini
  • Procedens Iesus
For the dairy and honey section section
For the flower section
When you go to the cashier

and you feel morally obliged to drop your change into the donation tin can

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