Easter prophetiary

In 2016, we released our first Easter prophetiary, which covered Prophecies VII to XII. Since then, we received multiple requests to release the tones for Prophecies I to VI. Truth is, we have always sung these in the usual prophecy tone. However, by the time we released our old Pentecost prophetiary, we have already started work on the first half of the Easter prophecies. They were ready by 2019, and work was in progress to typeset them, so that we may print them by 2020. As we all know, the pandemic happened, and everything crashed to a halt, with exasperating abruptness, especially in an unpreparedly paranoid archipelago like the Philippines. Now, however, the first six prophecies of Easter are fully typeset in Book III of our prophetiary (click the image on the left to access the file). May it be useful to our mission to honour sacred music in its proper place in Catholic worship.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.


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