Propers II

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Through the centuries, the directoria and the ordines published by the sees of the Philippine Islands, and later by her bishops’ conference, contained the feasts that are unique to the archipelago. The passing of the archipelago into American control inaugurated a shift as well in ecclesiastical administration, that, in due time, minor feasts, which had been included as per the norms of Pastoralis Officii cura and other subsequent privileges for the entire Spanish dominion, were abandoned, and only the higher-ranking ones remained. In the 20th century, as well, the bishops of the Philippines obtained privileges and indults that reshaped our liturgical calendar, principal of which is the proclamation of the Immaculate Conception as Principal and Universal Patroness of the Philippines.

Students inside San Bartolome Church
Students gathered inside the church of Saint Bartholomew in Malabón on the feast day of Saint James the Greater, 25 July 1947

Here we are gathering the Offices and Masses for feasts proper to the Philippines. Our principal concern is the feasts found in the national calendar of the archipelago. We will, however, strive to collect the propers of other local feasts celebrated throughout the country, especially those which are indicated in the Ordo.


ACP_PDF 2_file_document


8 decembris In Conceptione Immaculata B. Mariæ Virg. ACP_PDF 2_file_document
12 decembris B. Mariæ Virg. de Guadalupe ACP_PDF 2_file_document
Dom. I ianuarii S. Pueri de Cæbua Document
5 februarii Ss. XXVI Martyrum Iaponiæ Document
3 maii  In Inventione S. Crucis Document
15 maii  S. Isidori Agricolæ Conf. Document
19 maii S. Pudentianæ Virg. ACP_PDF 2_file_document
16 iulii B. Mariæ Virg. de Monte Carmelo Document
17 iulii In Triumpho S. Crucis Document
25 iulii S. Iacobi Ap. Document
30 augusti S. Rosæ a S. Maria Limanæ Virg. ACP_PDF 2_file_document
24 septembris In Descensione B. Mariæ Virg. de Mercede Document
12 octobris B. Mariæ Virg. de Columna Document

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.