Easter prophetiary

Apparently, the original file for Book I of the Prophetiarium Xicatunense that we uploaded back in 2016 can no longer be downloaded. Hence, we have reuploaded the prophetiary (click the image on the left to access the file) in our Resources section. (Book II, for Pentecost, is in our Resources section, as well.) May it be useful to our mission to honour sacred music in its proper place in Catholic worship.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.

Tutorial: Ad libitum Easter Vigil prophecy tones

August last year, we received from a reader the tutorial recordings he made for the ad libitum Easter Vigil prophecy tones that this Choir uses.

Yesterday, NLM published the recordings here, which we now also share below. May these tutorial videos help us chant the prophecies of Easter Vigil!







Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.

Pentecost prophetiary

Prophetiarium XicatunenseWe updated our Resources section with the six prophecies of the Vigil of Pentecost set to our chant tones! Go to said section and scroll down or just click on the image to the left. The tones used in this compilation, which we call Book II (even if it was produced two years before Book I), are identical to the ones used in said Book I, with the only exception of the tonus ammelleo-cynepurgilæticus (which was added only in 2017). Again, the idea behind the arrangement is decidedly iuniores ante seniores, that is, the chant becomes more complicated as the prophecy progresses towards the sixth.

Use with caution. (Heh!)

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.